Summer Tips for Marketing Your Books

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Valerie Connelly

June is the month of love and a popular month for weddings. But, in the world of books, June is the month when everyone wants a quick-read novel for the beach, or something plain old entertaining for the trip to some well-deserved vacation spot. Perhaps some are still wishing to learn something new, but most are looking for light fare.

BEA2009 is over , but the buzz is still vibrating! Read BEA Book Publisher's Discussion led by Tina Brown, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Beast for inside info on where the evolution of the book industry may be going.

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Looking ahead to the Fall, publishers are ramping up PR for the new titles they have almost ready to launch. Authors are lining up events and interviews on radio talk shows. Or, at least, they should be! Sometimes we all take that mental vacation the stress of balancing work, family and our passion for writing requires of us. 

Here are a few tips for getting through the Summer with something to show for it!

  • Plan your Fall events and contact the venues where you'd like to do signings, give talks and the like
  • Book yourself on at least one radio show per week for the months of September, October and November
  • Plan your website updates and implement them by the end of July
  • Clean house in your database, and remove any email addresses that come back with those Mailer-Daemon tags!
  • Plan your writing schedule within your own reality. Make sure you give at least an hour a day to the task at hand, whether you are working on a new book or writing press releases and articles about the ones you've already written.
  • Get out and play when the weather is good. Go hiking, play tennis, walk you dog, lay in the sun! Whatever changes your pace and gives you some new brain cells. 

And go to CALLING ALL AUTHORS RADIO SHOW  to listen to the streaming archives. This is where you can learn some great information about how to sell you books. Just read the blurbs to see what's on each week's show. We go back to November 2005! That's a LOT of information just waiting for you to listen again.

ALERT! ALERT! On Thursday, June 18th we're recording the June SPECIAL EDITION  with pm terrell (also known as Trish Terrell) about how she makes a great living from her fiction titles, how she keeps the sales growing for ALL her books ALL the time.  It should go live on the 19th. DON'T MISS THIS ONE! It is packed with how-to information for building a real business from your writing. 

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