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Fasten your seatbelts and return all trays and seatbacks to their upright positions. We're taking off for the stratosphere! The economic downturn isn't a reason to quit! It's a reason to get creative!

Nightengale Press is jumping into the Apple cart with ebooks available exclusively on the iPAD Apple's newest techno wonder! The iBooks store is the digital world's hottest reader, and it accepts much more than the Kindle or the Sony Readers of old. iPad is as good for color books as it is for text-only books.  So, for the cost of a revision, our authors can put their books into the iPAD iBooks store. For a small add-on price, we can attach reviews and more to the ebook so the potential buyer can access them before purchasing.

And, for publishers and authors, the payback is fantastic! Even though eBooks are sold at lower prices than their printed counterparts, there are no returns, and the flow-through of profit is actually higher. This is a really good thing for authors. Our newest ebook services are posted on the Nightengale Publishing site in the iPAD eBooks section.

Another new opportunity for new authors due to the current global economic circumstances we are all experiencing, all our publishing packages are now discounted 20%. They are already the most all-inclusive services available, but understanding the tough times authors are facing, just like everyone else, we want to be responsive to that. Editing, proofreading, layout and design of the entire book, all these items are now even more affordable! And our returning authors get an even better deal for their new books.

Read the Author Testimonials on the Nightengale Publishing site to understand what makes Nightengale Press so different from all other publishers. We're all about you, the author. And you will never feel like a number, a forgotten entity. We're here for you and your success!



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Welcome to the Nightengale Press website. I hope you have already registered on this site. If not, do so now. You'll get a lot more from your visit when you do! As the publisher at Nightengale Press, I just want to invite you to visit my new blog. Simply click on the Publisher's Blog tab on the menu bar above. This is where information on Publishing, Writing, Editing, Marketing and Motivation will now reside. Sometimes, you may feel overwhelmed with the task of writing, publishing and marketing your book. This is where you'll find guidance, inspiration and facts that can help you make clear decisions. You can ask questions. You will get answers. This is a place for you to learn the business of writing, publishing and marketing a book.

Come back often!

Valerie Connelly